Speeding up Eclipse (a bit) with Experimental VMOptions

by Ugo

Although Sun’s JVM had this for quite a long time now, you might not know you can turn on some experimental options such as UseFastAccessorMethods and UseG1GC, which is a new garbage collector that uses parallel processors.

This might improve quite a bit your Eclipse’s performance, it improved mine. So try it out and share what did worked for you.

Warning: do NOT turn those flags on at your production environments.

Just add to your -vmargs launching arguments:

eclipse -vmargs




Some people reported a great improvement in performance, not only in Eclipse, but also in other Java apps. For me it improved a little.

Some people also used other parameters (which didnt worked for my environment).

A complete list of jvm options may be found here, some are interesting like:


Does it works for you? Please comment.