OmniModeling: what if..?

by Ugo

What if I give to GEF editors the ability to recognize sketches, using the Levenshtein algorithm, which is easy to implement and its also fast?

Instead of clicking on the palette, the user just select the Free Drawing Tool and sketch freely on the editor. A given layer could recognize the points and add the relative element to the diagram.
Also, if the recognizer didnt get the sketch upfront, there could be a mechanism that let the user tell the program what he/she meant with that sketch, lets say a popup menu that let the user choose what element is meant by the sketch.

This could be a nice feature to have on GMF. You model your domain, works the Graphical model, the Tooling model, and there could be also a Sketch model for you to create, binding gestures to elements.

I’m starting a prototype. I tought it might be called OmniModeling. The modeller of everything 🙂