Lot of space with Fullscreen plugin

by Ugo

I’ve just forked an old abandoned plugin project created to make Eclipse go fullscreen. Originally, the plugin maximizes the usable space by hiding everything but the editors and navigator — which means hiding even the status bar, making it really hard for developers to use.

The single available option was to show/hide the Menu Bar, which is useful for RCP apps. But for IDE usage the status line MUST show up (it’s impossible to debug a stacktrace without knowing which line you are, for instance). My buddy Robson is a packager of ArchLinux and they were facing this issue with Eclipse, so he asked me to fix it. 🙂

Get the plugin

You might get the .jar here and drop it on your plugins/ folder. If you are an Eclipse plugin developer, you might also want to check it out on my github.

Toggle Fullscreen

You might use Ctrl+Alt+Z to toggle fullscreen, or at Window->Fullscreen


You can choose to hide or show Menu Bar and Status Bar in Window -> Preferences -> General -> Full Screen

Enjoy! 🙂