Ideas for the Sketch API

by Ugo

3 weeks ago Sketch API proposal became official. Meanwhile, our job is to foster community around the project.

This project is intended to be applied to any GEF editor, and since that there are so many GEF-based graphical editors out there, our goal now is to try to define a common set of functionalities between them.

We will start to discuss some of the ideas using the Sketch Forum/Newsgroup, please join the discussion and create topics if you are interested on this project or if you know a GEF editor that this project could benefit.

So far, what we have in mind is:

  • Gesture (not only shape) recognition – the API would be able to provide a set of configurable gestures, that would translate into commands for moving, resizing, and so on. This feature would massively benefit GEF3D.
  • Sketched vs. ‘Beautified’ look – There would be two ways of presenting the diagrams: the Sketched would show the recognized element as the user sketched it (using an SVG Figure created from it); The ‘beautified’ look would be the EditPart’s normal representation.
  • Postponed recognition – Maybe to have an Action to trigger the recognition would be better for some domains, instead of always asking the user what he meant to represent like on this demo.

Imagine to have a mockup/wireframe editor built on top of Visual Editor. A prototype builder might be coded using the user’s own drawings. And the prototype might be constructed without a ‘done look’.

Any more ideas? 🙂

We are also editing the Sketch proposal’s Wiki so the modifications would be merged onto the official one later. If you are an interested party, please add yourself there.