First steps of Eclipse Sketch

by Ugo

What do you think of this logo? (Click on it.)

Good news, the Sketch project was finally created! You may find it at

Although some improvements and refactoring are taking place right now, the API is already usable if you would like to pre-alpha-test it. 🙂

Me, Chris and Mariot have decided to go for Git as the version control. We are a fresh new project, so there were no reason not to:

Be aware that we are still re-organizing everything, and the code will be probably changed a lot, but if you see something really ugly, please file a bug.

The future of Sketch, as I envision it, includes users drawing their own graphical representations for models, being able to make suggestions to existing models using their own vocabulary and ultimately writing their own models. There is a very interesting discussion on this regard at the forum. If you are interested, please join it.

As for the present, I’ve prepared two videos for FlexiTools’2010, showing the features already available in Sketch.

1. VIDEO Creating a Use Case Diagram

Here I extend the Shapes editor (which is only able to model Squares and Triangles) to build such diagram.

2. VIDEO Creating an Activity Diagram and Making Annotations

Here is a slightly more complex example, plus annotations, which is the most immediate outcome of Sketch, since no recognition is needed.