Faces for Communicability Evaluation Method

by Ugo

When studying some topic I usually take notes to remember things more easily. Sometimes this notes are just drawings, and that was just the case for The Communicability Evaluation Method, or CEM, a method for HCI evaluation based on Semiotic Engineering. It consists on three steps. (1) tagging recorded interaction videos, (2) map the tags onto HCI problems, and (3) where the overall message, which cames through system, from the designer to the user is inspected, this last step is called semiotic profiling.
Well, for the first step there is a table with 13 tags related to what the user would be saying, like “OOPS” when he does something he’s not intented to do, and go to Undo.
I tought it would be funny to draw faces for all the tags and put them into a poster, or a A4 paper so everyone can print and put it on the wall. Enjoy!

Communicability Evaluation Tags – A Visual Guide – first version (click to enlarge)

Download the vectorial source (SVG) and faces as individual images here

Communicability Evaluation Tags – A Spiral Visual Guide (click to enlarge)

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