Draw freely with Sketch for GEF

by Ugo

Pen-based/Tablet technology it’s been around for a long time, but recently this ‘touch-oriented interaction’ has been gaining more attention, with all the buzz around iPad. So if we’re starting to interact to devices with our hands, we are not clicking anymore — perhaps our interfaces should start to be less click-oriented? How can we take advantage of the popularity of those devices? Wouldn’t be nice if we had sketching recognition withing Eclipse?

I think so, I’ve been working on sketch recognition for GEF/GMF editors while creating the MoLIC editor, take a look:

Sketch API (former OmniModeling) on MoLIC Editor from Ugo Sangiorgi on Vimeo.

There are other posts on this blog reporting the evolution until this point — the API is able to recognize shapes the way you draw, learning withing the process if it cant recognize it upfront. It can recognize any shape, really, you will ‘teach’ it how.

Omnimodeling: Multi-Agent Recognition from Ugo Sangiorgi on Vimeo.

So it’s on! I decided to contribute to Eclipse by proposing a Sketch API for GEF/GMF using the former OmniModeling project base, take a look at the proposal we are working on. Mariot Chauvin and Chris Aniszczyk are helping me through, thank you so much guys!

Comments and contributions are welcome 🙂

I should acknowledge Simone D.J. Barbosa for the kind support during the OmniModeling project, as well as my colleagues at the Semiotic Engineering Group of PUCRio.