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Mammooth Fuzz

Just finished building this pedal. Its based on zvex wooly mammoth:   Photos:

Speeding up Eclipse (a bit) with Experimental VMOptions

Although Sun’s JVM had this for quite a long time now, you might not know you can turn on some experimental options such as UseFastAccessorMethods and UseG1GC, which is a new garbage collector that uses parallel processors. This might improve quite a bit your Eclipse’s performance, it improved mine. So try it out and share […]

HP Pavilion dv3 and Linux

I’ve just bought a 13.3 inch HP dv3, model 1075us with AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72 and after some configuration i’m now able to run Ubuntu 9.04 on it. I decided to write here what i needed to do, in case of anybody facing the same issues i did 🙂First, here is all my […]

Better Than MovieOS Challenge

From here: Eclipse community members are invited to display their Photoshop and Gimp skills by taking a still frame from a movie or TV show, and replacing the MovieOS with a screenshot of an Eclipse IDE running plugins, an RCP or SWT application, or even a mobile OSGi application. The top 5 entries will receive […]

Calibrate Your LCD Screen With a Wallpaper

When working your photos on a laptop, you usually are on a LCD monitor, right? Have you noticed that as you move the screen back and forth your screen go darker or lighter? How do we know if we are changing the black levels of our photos correctly? Depending on the position of your head, […]

GMF’s incoherent cursor

I really believe in GMF’s potential. To take an Ecore, work on some models and generate the GEF code automatically to edit it its no less than beautiful. Even considering that its a new technology with a wide road ahead, still there is much you can done with it and it can be already used […]

It was about time

Finally!There is so many things I would like to put on a blog regarding Eclipse, Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Programming Languages and Computing in general. Also, part of my own expertise on some technologies such as EMF and GMF. Now i will be able to do so.