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Lot of space with Fullscreen plugin

I’ve just forked an old abandoned plugin project created to make Eclipse go fullscreen. Originally, the plugin maximizes the usable space by hiding everything but the editors and navigator — which means hiding even the status bar, making it really hard for developers to use. The single available option was to show/hide the Menu Bar, […]

First steps of Eclipse Sketch

Good news, the Sketch project was finally created! You may find it at Although some improvements and refactoring are taking place right now, the API is already usable if you would like to pre-alpha-test it. 🙂 Me, Chris and Mariot have decided to go for Git as the version control. We are a fresh […]

Installing the Eclipse RCP Delta pack in 7 steps

I’ve decided to write this little step-by-step illustrated guide to help out some fellows who were always having trouble on exporting Eclipse products for multiple platforms. This is a little different from the steps you find here and here. What is the Delta Pack? It’s a zipped Eclipse package with all the needed plugins to […]

Sketch: Flexible Graphic Modeling in GMF (+Demo Video)

There’s a long time since i’ve blogged about the FlexiTools’2010 workshop and the discussion about a flexible graphic representation made possible in Eclipse graphical editors. Here we talk about creating an intermediate element which holds a flexible graphic representation, in opposition to it’s canonical one (which in GMF is defined at .gmfgraph model). The users […]

More Ideas for Sketch API

I’ve just submitted a position paper to FlexiTools’2010, in which me and Simone outline our ideas for the Sketch API, which i’m carrying on with Chris and Mariot. Take a look at the paper:SKETCH: Modeling Using Freehand Drawing in Eclipse Graphical Editors The main idea is the approach of the modeling task as a twofold […]

Ideas for the Sketch API

3 weeks ago Sketch API proposal became official. Meanwhile, our job is to foster community around the project. This project is intended to be applied to any GEF editor, and since that there are so many GEF-based graphical editors out there, our goal now is to try to define a common set of functionalities between […]

Draw freely with Sketch for GEF

Pen-based/Tablet technology it’s been around for a long time, but recently this ‘touch-oriented interaction’ has been gaining more attention, with all the buzz around iPad. So if we’re starting to interact to devices with our hands, we are not clicking anymore — perhaps our interfaces should start to be less click-oriented? How can we take […]

OmniModeling: Improving Recognition

I’m making some progress implementing a Multi-Agent recognition system for OmniModeling. Right now it’s able to recognize multiple strokes as a gesture, so the user is able to draw dashed connections and composite figures as well: Omnimodeling: Multi-Agent Recognition from Ugo Sangiorgi on Vimeo.

OmniModeling: Sketching on GMF

Here is a video showing the current development status. For that I used the Levenshtein algorithm partly inspired by the approach proposed on this article [1]. This is a normal GMF generated GEF editor with Square, Triangle and Connection tools.I’d added another tool called Sketch on the palette, so at this point I’m able to […]

OmniModeling: what if..?

What if I give to GEF editors the ability to recognize sketches, using the Levenshtein algorithm, which is easy to implement and its also fast? Instead of clicking on the palette, the user just select the Free Drawing Tool and sketch freely on the editor. A given layer could recognize the points and add the […]