Android Theremin prototype *updated*

by Ugo

“I’m so much cooler than you guys playing violins…”

Theremins are weird musical instruments. They consist basically of two antennas, the player moves its hands around it, altering the magnetic field. The device then registers this changing, playing creepy sounds. Take a look at this Pato Fu’s song and a lesson on how to operate a Theremin.

So I’ve bought an HTC Tattoo and of course, decided to try to develop apps for it. The whole SDK is amazing!

The concept of a Theremin can be implemented on Android, since the phones have a digital compass and registers the magnetic field in 3 axis (!).  Here is the first prototype and my very first Android app. yey! \o/

Its possible to change the magnetic field registered by this mobile using a coin. The closer the coin gets, the lower is the note. Actually real theremins work in the opposite way 🙂


Click here for the first version

Now, those notes are redered .ogg files of C scales =/ Android doesnt have a MIDI toolkit, right? I want to be able to produce my own frequencies, so the user could manipulate them like in a real theremin.